Certified Digital Marketing Consultant CDMC Answers

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) Answers

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) Answers

1. Through ‘ Triggers’ in GTM are used for.

Ans: Controlling the Activation of Code at a Specific Instance

2. Where can you get access & import option of -GA’s Advance in product solution’s like ( Dashboards, Custom Reports & Segments etc. )

Ans: Solution Gallery

3. Call-To-Action, Landing Page, Offer, Forms are together known as

Ans: 4 Pillars to lead Generation

4. In Which Testing Types we create 2 versions of subject under test.

Ans: A/B Testing

5. In what way(s) could you demonstrate Product Explanations on Landing Page?

Ans: All of the above

6. Pick the right order for lead journey funnel.

Ans: Awareness, Consideration, Decision

7. Adding more than 3 fields in a landing page form is:

Ans: Is a trade off between Conversion Rate and Lead Details Depth, It Must be Balanced and differs from campaign to campaign.

8. Which of the following tool can be ideally used to identify industry influencers.

Ans: Follower Wonk

9. Which of the channels can be used for audience aggregation?

Ans: Setting up new Community site

10. Google Hummingbird Update encourages webmasters to improve websites with.

Ans: Increasing user friendliness and use of rich data

11. Purpose of social media calendar creation is :

Ans: All the above

12. In Google Analytics ‘ City’ is _________ Whereas total no. of sessions from that city is _________.

Ans: Dimension, Metric

13. Under which section in google webmasters tool will you find, an option to know your website position in SERP for keywords where any of your web url has got impressions ?

Ans: Search Appearance

14. Build, Engage & Amplify’ is a golden rule for:

Ans: Social Media Communities

15. AMP’ for website speed improvement, refers to :

Ans: Accelerated Mobile Pages

16. A company ‘A’ is receiving good traffic on its blog and their blog posts are very interesting and engaging. They want suggestions on the ways to increase user subscriptions organically. What do you propose?

Ans: Both A & B

17. Google Panda Update was Related to improving websites

Ans: Low Quality & Duplicate Content

18. Using Innovative ways to grow your business, using online, offline or both marketing mediums is known as.

Ans: Growth Hacking

19. Which of the following is not a tool for multi channel Social Media Management cum Monitoring.

Ans: Tweetdeck

20. Content writing and Copywriting are Different as content writing involves writing for educating and engaging whereas copywriting refers to promoting content only for advertising.’ The Above statement is

Ans: Completely True

21. Content marketing approach requires you to :

Ans: All The Above.

22. Easiest way to Plan & Document Your Content Strategy is to:

Ans: Create a content calendar with content Ideas

23. You Want to track website url’s traffic stats coming from a particular SMS campaign. Which technique will you apply track visits.

Ans: Custom URL

24. In ‘AARRR’ model of growth hacking what does second R represents:

Ans: Referral

25. Your client sells gardening supplies online. You suggest she use sitelinks because they can:

Ans: take people to subpages on her site about gloves, tools and fertilizer

26. How can you ensure that your ad is only available on facebook & Instagram newsfeed and not on right side ads and FB partner sites.

Ans: Placement Targeting

27. Expandable in feed facebook Ad stories are called ?

Ans: Canvas Ads

28. If i want to target maximum People working in a particular organization. Which will be the most ideal platform to reach out to and target them via. Ad ?

Ans: Linkedin Ads

29. Which of the following does clicking the ‘Boost’ button NOT allow you to do?

Ans: Choose the placement Options

30. You own a bed and breakfast in southern France and want to target English speaking tourists looking for accommodations after they’ve arrived in France. What language and location should you target?

Ans: English; southern France

31. Which of the following is true if you want to schedule ads to run at only certain times and on certain days of the week?

Ans: You must use lifetime budgeting

32. Which of these sentences accurately describes both CPC bidding and CPV bidding?

Ans: When using CPC bidding the advertiser pays per click, under CPV bidding the advertiser pays when a user engages with the ad by clicking a call to acti

33. Which of Following is not an ad Network

Ans: Webchutney

34. What is a ‘Lead’

Ans: Contact Details of Person Showing Interest your in Product/Service

35. Which of the following is not currently an option when creating Website Custom Audiences?

Ans: Create an audience of people who visited your website during the past 180 days, but not during the past 7 days

36. Which statement is true?

Ans: Call-only ads only let people call the business

37. How can advertisers see specific search queries that have caused their ads to show, even if those queries are not keywords within their accounts

Ans: Select the ‘Details’ drop-down menu on the Keywords tab

38. Ramesh would like to target people who’ve already browsed her online clothing boutique by offering them a 10% discount on their first purchase using search remarketing.Which of the following campaign types he will choose while creating a campaign.

Ans: Search Network

39. Which of the following is not currently true about Facebook Lead Ads?

Ans: Leads automatically sync with your email list without the need for a third party tool

40. Which of the following is true when adding multiple ads to an ad set?

Ans: Facebook will optimize to show ads at the rate they determine is best

41. Why is campaign based landing page without a top menu or links to other pages, a better option than targeting people to a page on main website.

Ans: All the above

42. What Does Term ‘ SQL’ Signifies in Lead Generation

Ans: Sales Qualified Leads

43. CRO can help you to meet your conversion goals by

Ans: Increasing effectiveness of your campaigns

44. A warm-up page is used for

Ans: Qualifying a Website Visitor, Further into the Funnel

45. Which of the following you would use to reduce multiple tracking codes on your website.

Ans: Google Tag Manager

46. Difference Between Segments and Filters is that.:

Ans: WRONG ANSWERS – Filters are temporary, Segments are permanent & A Filtered View, Can;t Have Segments

47. Google Penguin Update was related to improving websites

Ans: Low Quality Links

48. Content Repurposing Means:

Ans: Using the same content in Different Format

49. I want to block websites ‘blog’ directory from indexing in google’s index. URL for same if abc.com/blog. Which of the terms will i use in my robots.txt

Ans: Disallow:/blog

50. Which technique out of the following helps you to build rare and high quality links:

Ans: Blogger/ Link Outreach

51. Ebooks, Whitepapers, Webinars, Contests are types of.

Ans: SIgn Up Offers

52. Say Their are alot of temporary url’s that are generated on my website when someone sort down my website’s pages in ascending/descending order. Which webmaster option will I use to suggest to google what to index and what not in such cases.

Ans: URL Parameters

53. Which of them is not a Type of Twitter Ad.

Ans: Sponsored Reply

54. What is Daily Unique Reach when crea

Ans: The ability to reach users no more than once in a day

55. Which of the following audiences can you target without specifying a country or location?

Ans: Custom Audiences

56. If you want to show your ad to maximum people which FB campaign objective will you pick?

Ans: Reach

57. Which of the following is most true of a Website Custom Audience?

Ans: It is an audience of people who visited your website or specified URL, Where 􀄩 custom audience pixel is placed.

58. Online Media Buying Refers to:

Ans: Paid Media Optimization on Web

59. What is the name of the tool that can is used to manage bulk facebook ads?

Ans: Power editor

60. What Does Term ‘ MQL’ Signifies in Lead Generation

Ans: Marketing Qualified Leads

61. Which google analytics feature allow you to have Multi-variate testing on a web page.

Ans: Experiments

62. You want to track people reaching a particular page url on website, Which of the following Goal Method will you pick.

Ans: Destination

63. Ad Copy says ‘ Get Free Trial Today’, Landing page does nothave a term ‘ Free trial’ Mentioned anywhere, though every person filing the form gets a free trial. This is a clear case of ?

Ans: Call-to-Action Mismatch Between Landing page & Ad Copy

64. Why do we use ‘data highlighter tool ‘ in web masters

Ans: To markup structure data

65. The list of url’s submitted to search engine for index is known as.

Ans: Sitemap

66. An advertiser can apply mobile bid adjustments at which of the following levels?

Ans: Campaign level

67. Why You Must Avoid applying filters to your main/primary View in GA.

Ans: It will filter out primary data, which you can’t retrieve later

68. Which information does the Conversion Optimizer need in order to find the optimal cost-per-click (CPC) bid for an ad each time the ad is eligible to appear?

Ans: Historical conversion data

69. Mailmunch’ is the tool used For

Ans: Lead Capturing from Website

70. While testing a subject for CRO, How many things we should test at once

Ans: WRONG ANSWERS – Two & Minimum Two, Maximum Three.

71. Specific keyword targeted for all pages in website, helps in

Ans: All the above

72. ASO is mobile marketing stands for

Ans: App Store Optimization

73. Which of the following cannot be used when running TrueView In-stream and video Discovery ads?

Ans: A YouTube video with a privacy setting of private

74. Heat Map’ & ‘Click Density’ Testing are types of:

Ans: Usage Testing

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