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Most frequent questions and answers

Most of the contents of this ebook is from other sources which has just been organized in a way to be result oriented and cannot be claimed for any purpose; however in case of any costs that would be required to  manage and publish this ebook will be charged to the minimal.

This ebook has been written by a Digital Marketing student while perusing the course. The author’s intent from the start was to pen down the journey of learning and making it easier for those who cannot afford it or want to first get to know about this subject before jumping into this field. 

As already mentioned the contents have been taken from various sources especially during the journey of course from the course material. The author cannot claim the content solely and neither can give any consent of further distribution of the content for any purpose. The right reserves with the content owners. However the authenticity of the data can be understood by the source of contents itself.

The ebook is still under writing process, you can leave your message in the link provided above “Book A copy Now”. It will take you to the contact page. Leave your details and message, mention ebook in the subject and we will get back to you when the ebook is ready. 

Yes, your most welcome to contribute to this ebook. If you have any content, tips, tricks or any organised references that you feel can be included in this book pertaining to the subject that will help to improve the ebook, it will be included in the ebook along with your reference. Your content will remain yours only.  The content structure has been already mentioned above, if your content fall into any such category like certification, practicals, tools and their implementation tutorial, ebooks, videos, etc., we will include it in this ebook. However after approval by the author.

As already mentioned in the first FAQ only that this ebook wont be sold for monetizing, either made available free or sold for minimal charges to incur maintenance and  publishing charges. The references and content included in this ebook itself will be the monitory benefits for the contributors. If your content was valuable for the customers, they will anyway be knowing whose content it is. Your content will be yours only. 

As for now, we don’t know how far its going to go. Quality content is currently we are working on. However after completion, we may require reviewers, auditors and experienced experts who can add to the quality of this book. Keeping in mind this is just a student initiation, a lot of support would be highly appreciated in making this a quality content. The author has been through a lot and knows the value and need for a complete quality resource for those who cannot afford it otherwise. 

No, we are not taking any donations or monetary support for this. We will try to make it available for minimal cost just for its maintenance and publishing purpose. You can contribute through purchasing a copy, content and its quality, and promotion only after verifying its quality yourself. 

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