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Find Your Passion

Normally, we tend to delay things because we think it is not the right time, because we think that we are not ready to pursue our dreams yet. We leave our plans, goals, and dreams to later when we get less busy, when the right time comes, or when the right person shows up. But what if that right time never comes, what if we never get less busy, what if suddenly we have to leave this world?

Sometimes we get very clear on our passion, on our personal vision, and on our dream. But something is missing. It is Action. We have lots of plans but we are not taking a step toward accomplishing what we want to do. We delay things because we think it is not the right time yet.

The message: don’t leave your dreams to later because later may never come. Things are happening suddenly and who knows may be in the next few years this cycle of the world would come to an end and that time it would be too late to regret because we would not get another chance. If you think you are too busy and do not have time to think about your dream and do something about it now, my suggestion to you is to get up early. Don’t miss the power in getting up early. Start with waking up one hour earlier than your normal wake up every day. You will see how positive the impact would be on your progress in life.

If it’s not Now, it’s Never

Find what you love and do it. Find your passion and act toward fulfilling it. If you don’t do it, it will never get done and you will never be satisfied.

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