How to Qualify Google Certification for free in 2019 Genuinely (3)

Google Certifications for free 2019

Before I begin with the details about How, Where, and When of doing Google Certifications for free 2019, I would like to share how I came across this because there are more important things to share along with just reply this answer, which you can anyway find in tons out there. Don’t worry about getting your time wasted on reading this article, I made sure that you would only get aware and surely save your time, money and efforts later. You can anyway qualify any Certificate after reading this article in a few minutes only, if you are still not aware of the secrets which are although not secrets anymore. However, the difference will still be in the right and wrong. The choice will be yours!

Author’s Insight about Google Certifications

I was looking to learn and explore something new after my previous job of programming and regular office jobs, so I came on the internet to search about trending fields of study where I settled with Digital Marketing at that time. And as many might be knowing, the moment you type anything on the internet and there you go (OOPS – you are under track and target). All the brains and codes behind the screens are working with their best strategies, to nourish you and lead you to their own ends (right or wrong – it’s up to you to figure out, choose and decide wisely. I would just say that both exist here) and personally speaking, we can’t even differentiate initially at times. But Yes if you are aware enough then obviously you are better to figure that out.

After going through a little research, I could get a lot to know about the topics and all these certifications but everything seemed to be a little fabricated and over-exaggerated by some of the people, marketers, institutes and course sellers online with their promises that I would sometimes wonder that there would be an extraordinary difference between what they are going to provide and what is available online for freely.

The words like “100%”, “free”, “best”, “top 10”, “top 5”, “discount”, “refer and earn”, “likes”, “ratings”, “No 1 in your location, your country, world etc”, bla bla bla; tons of such promises and explanations will flood you once you are in the process. But as I already said, if you are aware you are better. That’s why writing this especially for those who are probably new to this; old champs are probably even more well aware than me already.

Seek Knowledge.
Be Skilled, Successs will anyway follow!

Baba Ranchordas – 3 Idiots

I keep this to readers to figure out what I intend by writing all this so far!

Anyway coming to the topic, on the Internet and Digital Marketing, one of the major players is “Google“. So knowing that there are some Certifications of this giant organization that can label your expertise seems like a big thing (at least for those who are new to this and for those who find it important). So here are your answers:

What about Google Certifications for free 2019?

Google Certifications are completely Free in 2019 also, easily accessible and technically considered important as well

Even the study materials to genuinely prepare and qualify these certifications is provided by Google itself in their own online learning product Google Academy Exceed LMS (Learning Management System) that too is absolutely free (No Relation, No Affiliation). You don’t need any long list of prerequisites or eligibility; if you have an account with Google (which too is free and I guess you already might have that), you can easily access the product. Learn through the well-structured materials, modules, and skills for any Google product topic you want to master and appear for the online test every 24 hours round the year. Yes, you read it right, after every 24 hours 365 days a year, you can re-appear the exam, completely free.

As with every product of Google, here also a separate profile is maintained for the users with the same single login, having a fully tracked progress of your learning and certifications. As you go along the way to study each certification, your progress is saved so that you can continue from where you have left and all the certifications that you qualify will also be saved in your profile, along with the history of your activities in the LMS.

Google Academy Exceed LMS Profile Screenshot
Google Academy Exceed LMS Profile Screenshot

The online test questionnaire is designed in a way that it tests your ability in all the modules. At the end of the test, the LMS gives you an evaluation result and recommendations also where you can identify the areas where you are lacking and re-study those modules to self evaluate and improve all areas.

Where to do Google Certification?

Link: Google Academy Exceed LMS ( – (No relation, No Affiliation)

Google Academy Exceed LMS Dashboard
Google Academy Exceed LMS Dashboard

How to Qualify Google Certifications for free in 2019 Genuinely

As already stated, Google Academy LMS provides it all, from study material to training you, appearing the test, evaluating your weak areas, recommended study and re-test. If you are completely newbie, I believe at the most – full study once, recommended study once and tests thrice will not only qualify you 100% but also make you an expert of the subject.

In the LMS, all the study topics are provided with the estimated time required to complete each task and that too in a well interactive and learning approach. You can complete each study and certificate in few hours only but I would suggest not to do so if you really intend to learn and grow.

The video below will show you the walkthrough of how to access your Google Certificate LMS, study material, test and recommended study in your Google LMS.

There are other ways to crack the Google Certifications for free in 2019 or in fact any other such online or even offline tests can be easily cracked, but I wouldn’t suggest those ways. As already stated “Seek knowledge”, or else it’s just like “Garbage In Garbage Out”. I guess even artificial intelligence figured that out and so Google has kept these exams free and open.

What is the importance and scope of Google Certifications in 2019?

As far as eligibility or basic requirements in the current market, I don’t think ONLY having Google Certificates will be enough or considered anywhere. They may act as your additional knowledge and TAGS to improve the credentials of your profile in your career and professional world.

Google has a large base of users and communities of audience. More than half of this population of google just uses it as a free service and don’t even know or are concerned about what is the other side of the story. Basically all its source of income is this large user base only because Google has nourished them to know them and has become the marketing giant. So in terms of business and marketing, this is a giant network of communities that have nourished and knows its users very well. They have already achieved a self-sustainable system of building and growing this network. Knowing you, your interests, your network of communities, and probably even your dreams.

Now, next is to leverage through this network for which also they have these products for business and marketing purpose and here is where educating the users plays its role.

Google Certifications for free 2019

If you go through the categories of these certifications you will find they are all related to business, marketing and educating purpose only; educating you to bring you a level up from “users of their free services” to “marketers, buyers and sellers of their paid services” in order to leverage their network – that is how I quote it as (that’s my personal view, not any authenticated definition). And to add more, when you start using these products of google marketing, you will find yourself being termed as part of Google Partner (just in case you feel an emotional connection – maybe some kind of relationship building or business tactics, not commenting).

As far as the importance and scope of these certifications are concerned I would like to sum it up as:

  1. General Awareness
  2. Knowledge and skills of technology and Google products
  3. Personal and professional profile credential
  4. Freelancing and marketing opportunities
  5. Business growth opportunities

Hope it Helps!

Visitors are welcome to add their valuable feedback regarding the topic by leaving a comment. Any questions or update about the topic, please feel free to comment or contact, I will love to reply and update it. 

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