July Born

July Born

Few things you need to know about JULY born!

Personal traits

July born is someone who always has a frown on his face. He is quite introverted and is a family guy. He is in love with art and painting. We cannot consider him as someone very generous! Let’s just say that he is a big fan of money.

The man that was born in July will always stay a little kid to his mother and he is looking for a partner who resembles his mom in some ways. He is the master of summarizing everything and can turn a long lecture into a single sentence. He will never trust anyone that he doesn’t know perfectly.

Behavior towards others

You shouldn’t expect him to pour his heart out when you have only met just three times. There are things in his life that he thinks it’s better to be left unsaid. If you want to get to know him, you need to be patient. It will take a considerable amount of time. He is quite sensitive and as angry as he may look to you. However, he can be delightful and full of life as well. His unkind behavior may change by the passage of time.

You might be taken aback by the reaction that you will get from him when you want to make him feel better and untangle his frown. He will be cold and unkind to the point that it might hurt your feelings. So rigid at parties that you can never expect him to ask you for a dance. He is not emotional at all but that doesn’t mean he ignores his heart. If his heart is with something, he will follow it.

Everyone thinks instead of flesh and blood, he was made of stone. That is how stone-cold he is! He is under the influence of so many things especially the month that he was born in. No matter how vile he looks, the truth is that he has a heart of gold deep down. He is just as fragile as anyone else although he is putting on this unbreakable face. He needs love and support like everyone else. Just because he doesn’t express it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need it.

What to do as a friend or partner especially in times of difficulty?

If his heart gets shattered, he will go back to his own sanctuary. Somewhere far far away from people so that no one can hurt him. In a territory that he knows, he can protect himself not only from others but even from his own rotten thoughts. In times like this, you, as a partner or a friend, need to let him have his time. Once he has overcome the heartbreak, he will come back. Unfortunately, his mood has a huge impact on the people around him.

Or we can consider that as a positive point since when he is delighted he is able to spread that good feeling as well. This might put you in a dilemma not knowing how to react. But remember that you are not the only one, everyone that is around him has the same feeling. Sometimes his cold gaze makes your bones rattle, sometimes his warm heart lit yours up as well. He will only hold the balanced ground when he’s afraid of losing something or someone.

You need to remind him, or better say, reassure him, that you will always be on his side. Whisper that in his ear every single chance you get to make him feel secure. He might sound like the most romantic person of all in one second and just right when you feel him, he will switch to a very irrelevant topic. No matter how affluent he might be, this personality trait of his can be unbearable for so many potential partners.

How is he towards his potential partner?

If you are the kind of person that is crazy punctual, we are happy to tell you that you have found just the right fit for yourself. He is always thinking about how he can change the future for his family to a better one. He had been struggling with financial issues all his life and it won’t take long for him to realize that saving up is better than earning. So stingy could be the word that some people may use to describe him. If you get in a relationship with someone who was born in this month, get prepared for a life full of mood swings. You will have your times when you cry and times when you laugh in order to keep the balance just fine.

One of the secrets of his life, even though he never expresses it, is that he wants for his partner to take care of him like a baby! Remember something; he is petrified of a broken heart! Something that can hurt or offend someone else for a second or two (or not at all) will hurt him for ages. If for any reason something sets him and his partner apart, he will do anything to take his significant other back.


Having said all that, as we always say, people’s way of living and their attitude changes according to the circumstances they are in. Exceptions are always there. Thy knows best!

Everything you need to know about July Born

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